erneo Energy Storage

erneo - Who we are

erneo was founded in 2015 by three engineers and a businessman. The background was to use the know-how and decades of professional experience from oil and gas production and underground natural gas storage for the energy revolution.

This concerns, for example, energy production through geothermal energy, the storage of CO2 in the production of blue hydrogen (CCS - Carbon Capture and Storage), energy storage as compressed air or hydrogen, but also fields such as the extraction of lithium from deep-seated aquifers or as a by-product in the water produced during oil and gas production.

With the experience gained from natural gas storage and the modelling of natural gas storage facilities, it was obvious to also deal with compressed air storage in salt caverns. Among other things, a founding member was involved in the construction of the Huntorf compressed air storage facility.

We have developed a compressed air storage process that largely avoids the generation of heat during the storage process and thus achieves a high efficiency of over 70 %. The storage facilities can store around 1 GWh with a withdrawal rate of 100 MW over long periods in standard caverns of the type used for natural gas storage since the 1960s.

erneo is working with DEEP.KBB in Hannover and Bad Zwischenahn.