erneo Energy Storage

Battery Storage

Battery storage units are easy to set up. Batteries, such as those used in vehicles, can be bundled into larger units. In terms of aboveground space requirements, however, no advantage can be seen over the compressed air storage concept. The lifetime is also limited to about ten years.


Battery Storage Vattenfall UK 22 MW 16.5 MWh

Below is a size comparison between a natural gas storage facility with 5 caverns and the above battery storage. The natural gas storage facility would have a similar size as a compressed air storage facility with a capacity of 100 MW and a storage capacity of 500 MWh. In terms of capacity, both storage facilities require an area of approx. 150 m2/MW; in terms of storage capacity, the battery storage facility requires approx. 200 m2/MWh and the compressed air storage facility 30 m2/MWh.

Size comparison according to Google Maps between a natural gas storage facility (left image) and a battery storage facility (right image).